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Working  with  Becca 

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All aspects of myself are available and worthy...


Manitou Springs, Colorado

“Becca's artfully tailored program helped me cultivate within myself the tools to understand and cope with my inner barriers. With Becca's balanced approach of scientific psychological teachings on trauma and PTSD along with her energetic approach of meditation and self-exploration, I gained acceptance and understanding.

I’ve been given the gift to understand how and why trauma has and continues to manifest itself in my life. 

Most of all I've been equipped to make peace and accept that my mind and my actions protected me all these years from something bigger I wasn't ready to work through...until now. Having the acceptance and understanding has really empowered me to take on my inner and outer challenges! And maybe best of all, I've been more accepting of my playful, creative, and joyful side and am ready to let her shine. 

This program has also done wonders for my self-esteem. Before I felt stuck in a pattern of who I was. Now, I know my fullest expression is whatever I want it to be, all aspects of myself are available and worthy. 

Through Becca's loving and knowledgeable guidance, life looks brighter, bolder, and more fluid! I feel like I can accept challenges, embrace uncertainty, and grow into the person who will live a life I can be proud of.” 


Absolutely life-changing...


Verona, Wisconsin

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"Prior to joining this program, I was an anxious, people pleaser who let people walk all over me as I unsuccessfully tried to make a connection with them. It was hell. I had not healed from childhood trauma that deeply affected my adult life. Even though I had done many years of work on myself, including one-on-one therapy, a DBT group, podcasts, and reading everything I could get my hands on, I was stuck. Something stopped me from breaking through that final barrier.


This program has been absolutely life-changing. There is no other way to describe it. I feel calm, present, and worthy. All of my relationships have improved. I have a newfound ability to connect deeply with others because I am now able to connect deeply with myself. I stand up for myself now in all spheres of my life. I feel safe in my own power now. I can stand up for myself and use my voice. I can say no with strength and firmness and not feel guilty about it. I know what my boundaries are now and I can enforce them. 


I am finally living an authentic life and I am loving it. It feels amazing!


Becca was so supportive and continually modified my program to fit my needs. She definitely went above and beyond. The meditations and weekly videos she sent me were exactly the tools I needed. She explained everything so clearly and patiently.


This will be the best investment of your entire life. Seriously. Becca's program was worth every single penny. It has completely transformed my life for the better. I am so incredibly grateful for her and this program.


I know I can handle anything that comes my way. There are not enough words to convey my gratitude to Becca for changing my life. You are a gift, Becca. Thank you!”




Finally starting to love myself...

New South Whales, Australia


“I have spent so much of my life fighting with myself. Placing such high and ridiculously unrealistic expectations on myself. There was this constant need to keep others happy and liking me. I used to numb out and wanted to give up. I now have a fire in my belly that hasn’t been there for decades. I am totally open to whatever life throws at me. 


It was a major realization that I have a pretty strong freeze response and that trauma has greatly affected my ability to interact with the world. It just makes so much sense now. It’s like I have been given a piece of the code that just unlocks it all. I now have this deep love and appreciation for this part of myself that helped me endure the trauma.


Finally starting to love myself and treat myself with respect has been a huge shift for me. And with this step forward, I feel my self-confidence growing by the day. For me, confidence is all about stepping into your authentic power. 


I would highly recommend Becca Hunnicutt as a facilitator for personal exploration and growth. You will be hard pressed to find a woman that can hold such big deep healing space, who has the capacity to track you, on your own journey and support you while you discover yourself. 


This work is challenging, looking at your trauma, in whatever shape it was served to you, is not pretty. It’s gut-wrenching, soul-searching stuff that will probably have you on your knees at times. But I couldn’t think of anyone else that I would rather walk with, than Becca. Knowing that I have this woman in my corner, gave me the courage to go a little deeper and that was priceless to me.”


I believe in myself again..


Los Angeles, California


"This woman brings the fire of truth to anything that is holding me back from my own truth. She knows how to pinpoint my resistance, denial or defense, and take it down with a swipe of her sarcastic, yet loving reflection.

My feelings of frustration, lack of confidence and feelings of helplessness were keeping me stuck and disconnected from who I am. Becca always leads me back to myself and my truth.

She has such an amazing way of reflecting me and my power back to me, that I believe in myself again and can feel my own truth again.

She helped me breakthrough these areas by not letting me get away with my own bullshit. By loving me enough to call me out. By encouraging me to remember that my boundaries were holy and not harmful.

Now that I have shifted this area of my life, I feel better and stronger every day. It is an everyday choice to choose me and come back to myself.


I feel like I can speak my truth more and more and set more and more boundaries. This helps me to remember what I am worth and to demand that everything and everyone treat me with respect.

I just appreciate the fire wielding, truth telling, sassy, no nonsense woman that Becca is. Her work cuts out all the "fat" and brings me to the core of what it is that I need to heal and breakthrough.

Becca fucking rocks, and she will change your life if you give her even 5 minutes of your time. She has a way that cuts right through to the heart of the matter. She will advocate for you fiercely, and she won't let you off the hook until you have owned back the pieces of yourself that you have lost. WORK WITH HER if you want to change your life."


A huge gift & major shift for me...


San Diego Califonia

"Becca has helped me breakthrough old familiar patterns that no longer serve me— roles I’ve played in order to get love and attention that actually aren’t me and get in touch with my inner truth and my voice!

I had a hard time seeing these blocks because they allowed me to operate in the world in a way that kept me safe... it wasn’t until I realized how unhappy they we’re making me that I wanted to change— and Becca helped me to feel safe to begin to make these changes!

Before working with Becca, I would emotionally over-eat to comfort myself. I would hide and disconnect from people in order to preserve my sovereignty. But really I was trapped!

Becca helped me by validating my truth and feelings— being a warrior for my safety and sovereignty when I didn’t know how to be.

Now that I have shifted this I feel safer with those I love. I feel like I can better hold onto myself while still maintaining connection with my loved ones— this is a HUGE gift & major shift for me!

I can speak my truth and have the skills to own my feelings and allow them to move through me. And then, to communicate my needs, which was NOT something I knew how to do before working with her.

This helps me in EVERY area of my life. My relationships, in social situations, in discerning what I need and want. It makes me feel more whole as a person. And I honor myself now in ways that I’ve always needed, but never had the skills or awareness to address.

I so appreciate Becca’s genuine approach— her down-to-earth REALNESS. She has so much compassion and also, so much fire! She is such a safe place for me to bring all of myself and that is where true healing can really happen!

I am so grateful that my path brought me to Becca. She is part Angel, part magical sorceress witch, and completely human. And she embraces it all— which helps me give myself permission to do the same!"

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"Becca helped me dive deep into something I was avoiding.

Feelings of fear, aloneness and terror were keeping me stuck from breaking through.

Before working with Becca I would stay in avoidance and distraction.

Becca gave me support and helped me talk with love to my inner child. Giving her the support she needed. 


Now I feel enlivened, able to tackle anything, and supportive to myself. I feel able to give space, time, and love for myself that I wasn't capable of doing before. Which allows me to give myself much needed self care and support my boundaries with others.

Becca is real. No fluff. Knows her stuff."




I feel enlivened...

Hillsboro, Oregon


I feel more like myself...


Crockett, California

"Becca helped me to breakthrough self-acceptance. Discovering and embracing my gifts.


My healing journey with Becca began when she helped me discover, learn about and embrace my psychic gifts that were always with me but I never understood them.

Feelings of overwhelm, confusion, denial, self doubt had me stuck. Before working with Becca I had always been flooded with visions, feelings and sensations that I couldn't make sense of or know what to do with. I felt misunderstood and that no one could see or hear me.

I was living a double life. Living a normal life on the surface while keeping my psychic, intuitive and spiritual explorations to myself, in the shadows.

Becca helped me by creating a safe sacred space where I could let all parts of me be seen, felt, heard, witnessed, acknowledged, understood and celebrated. With guided meditations, experiential exercises and holding consistent intimate circles of women.

Now, I feel more whole. Parts of myself that were living the shadows have been claimed. My gifts have been recognized, embraced and integrated into my whole being. I feel like more of myself.

Now I can own my gifts and own my truth. Integrating these neglected aspects of myself has allowed me to live a more authentic life. I no longer have a double secret life. I've been able to embrace my gifts and live a more integrated life where my gifts are a natural part of my being. As I accept myself more, those around me have accepted my gifts as part of who I am.

I have more self confidence and a greater knowingness of who I am which allows me to claim a larger space in this world.

Becca can handle anything that comes up. I've never seen her shrink from anything. All is welcome in Becca's realm! There is a level of safety and acceptance that always keeps me coming back.


Becca Rocks!


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