1x1 Sessions

Each session is an hour. Cost is $100/hour.
In Email, provide your name and a brief paragraph to let me know where you would like support.  Or if you prefer phone, please call the number on my contact tab.

Clients come to me because they feel something missing within themselves that they can't name. They also come because they are experiencing something unexplainable that can’t be defined, and they're scared.  This is a sign of Spiritual Emergence trying to break through, and might feel like Spiritual Emergency.  Spiritual Emergence is when hidden parts of self begin to awaken and demand to be seen and heard: a Soul Awakening.  This may feel existentially scary and huge to the nervous system.  The Soul Awakening can be very loud in ways that may not be tangible or provable to others.  I assure you this is REAL and not crazy.  There is so much power in the mysteries of the unknown.  They are gifts seeking expression through us in mystical and spiritual ways. They go beyond the mind, and are an essential part of the self that have been suppressed in our culture for a very long time.  This is a level of self exploration that can return you to your own power.

If this is speaking to you and you are interested in knowing more about this work, I invite you to reach out to me.  I offer 15-30 minute courtesy calls to see if working together feels right to you.  Please click the link below or visit my Contact page to get started.  I look forward to connecting with you. 

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