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Hey Sassy,


If you’re still on the fence and are feeling a tug in your gut to join this program, I want you to know that I stand for your healing.  I stand with you against the fears and smallness that might be fighting your right to choose your own power, because that fear is afraid to let go. If this is holding you back it’s time to choose YOU over the conditioning that’s keeping you trapped in lockdown of expressing the full power of your defiant willful feminine power.  


I’m passionate about returning you to the seat of your own power, but you have to take the first step. You have to choose the feeling over the doubts and fears that may argue with the Soul calling that is asking you to say YES!


A reminder of what you get when you say yes!

  • A Personalized Healing Roadmap 
    You will receive a clear step-by-step picture of what your healing process will look like and the issues each session will address.

  • 12 Core Training Modules 
    These will provide insightful information designed to rewire your perception in healthy ways and bring more self-compassion as we reframe how you survived.

  • 12 One-on-One, Private Live Sessions with Me 
    You will receive the tools to become an expert in your own emotional patterns and nervous system and know what to do and how to shift yourself out of this for the rest of your life.

  • Weekly Action Steps to Lock in Lasting Change (Priceless!)

  • Additional High Touch Support With Me for the Entire Program.

  • A 30 day money back guarantee

  • Bonuses: 

    • Disrupting Auto Pilot​

    • Reclaiming Authenticity 

    • 1 Additional Month of one on one phone Support

  • You can do this program from anywhere! All you need is good wifi, a journal and quiet safe space.

  • And so much more...


I am not about pushing you into something you don't want. What I DO stand for is the power in you when fear whispers in your ear reasons not to choose YOU !  The dark goddess in me stands at your depths holding the gate open for the dark goddess in you to walk through and reclaim her power. This is Soul to Soul work for me and why I love it so much.  And like a dragon I will spew fire at all the chains and perceived powerlessness that twists itself into different versions of itself to keep you small.  It is time to awaken your inner fire.  

In the program you will get...


Understanding What Happened

  • Satisfy the mind's need to know why this happened in ways that may surprise you.​

  • Begin to remove PTSD and Freeze response from your system.​

  • Shift your perspective from self-blame to self-compassion.


Grooming, Gaslighting and Crazy, OH MY!

  • Learn why you turned against yourself and how to shift back.​

  • Understand why you felt like you were losing your mind and how to get it back without losing yourself again.​

  • Rewire your nervous system, mind and emotions to serve your own empowerment.


How You Lost Your NO and Your  Creative Spark

  • Learn the source of overwhelm that stops you from moving forward.​

  • Practices to recover your undefended insticts.​

  • Practices to recover your undefended instincts.




I Want to Hide vs. I Want to Be Seen

  • Learn to work with your system instead of against it.​

  • Gain tools to practice being seen and heard without pushing.

  • Break the patterns of shame and humiliation that hold you back.


Owning This Happened to You

  • Learn how to feel uncomfortable feelings safely.​

  • Shift from defended toughness to actual toughness.​

  • Reclaim your heart and your right to your feelings.


It's My Fault

  • Break the pattern of self-blaming.​

  • STOP taking responsibility for those that hurt you.​


Letting Go of Control

  • Shift out of the mind and into the heart.​

  • Learn new ways to manage your feelings that allow your system to let go.​​

  • Learn to choose from what you want, not what you fear!




Expressing Your Rage and Emotions

  • Gain tools to reclaim your life force.​

  • Tools to move anger and rage through safely and without hurting anyone.​

  • Learn to love the things you've feared about yourself.


Setting Healthy Boundaries

  • Break the people pleasing cycle.​

  • Set strong, healthy boundaries that no one can challenge.​

  • Begin to access your power.


The Gift of Hypervigilance

  • Learn the gift in your wound and how to use it.​

  • Reconnect to your body wisdom and instincts.​

  • Use the unseen energies around you. 

(Your spiritual gifts you may not know you have)


Learning to Receive

  • Learn how to receive without being afraid of ulterior motives.​

  • Rebuild trust and safety.​

  • Gain tools to learn how to finally relax and let go.


Speak Your Truth

  • Learn to speak the truth of what you feel.​

  • Access your voice without using your mind to get it right.​

  • How your body informs your truth.


If you are ready to alchemize your pain to fuel your freedom, then I’m here.  And if you are ready to commit to yourself in this way, then I fully commit myself to you.  If you are feeling pulled at all, I know this program can change your life.   Don’t wait another 20 more years to say yes to all of who you are. Join me and became the badass woman you were born to be.



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