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What is a Trauma Response?

A trauma response is where your internal awareness safety bells go off and rather than stating the truth of how you feel, you employ another tactic that makes what they're doing ok and denies the truth of how YOU really feel.

This can happen for many reasons:

  1. I'm too afraid to say what I feel.

  2. It isn't safe to speak the truth of how I feel.

  3. I want to avoid the drama and emotional reaction I'm going to get back when I speak my truth to this person.

  4. They never heart me anyway, best keep the status quo.

In this way we always put others needs first or deem them bigger than or more important than our own truth and needs.

Each time you do this you betray and abandon that little one that lives deep inside of you that's screaming fro someone to hear her and stand up for her.

Not intentionally of course. You are only unconsciously repeating what was done to you.


This is a learned response that your nervous system AUTOMATICALLY does to protect you.

The issue at this point in your life maybe, however, that the protection has now outgrown it's place and is now in your way of becoming, doing or getting what your heart wants NOW, in the present moment.

Until you decide to address these unconscious behavior patterns to change them, this pattern will keep repeating itself and hold you back from the live you keep striving for.

Are you ready to burn it down?

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