Chaos vs. Control

The energy of chaos holds our greatest power if we allow it.

Most of the time we try to control everything. The way we act, the way we look, the way we show up in the world. WHY? Because if our personality alerts us to being "outside the norm" people free out and don't know what to do with us. We make them uncomfortable and they reject us, ghost us, judge us. No matter what it is they'll never be our friends...right?

Here's the deal. What we're doing when we comply to this is shutting down our authentic expression to avoid loss of connection. Then we internalize our loss of connection as rejection and most likely agree and end up rejecting ourselves. Sound about right?

Here's the thing. When we do this we are

  1. Betraying ourselves for the opinion of others.

  2. Selling ourselves for false connection.

  3. Abandoning ourselves to be less than who we truly are.

We have to recognize what we're doing and take our power back. If we don't we will be controlled and at the behest of everyone else wants, needs or expectations on us.

We have to believe, trust, know and like ourselves ABOVE anyone else opinions, expectations or judgments on us. We have to have our own backs to show up as who we are.

Most of the time the women I speak to are tough ass warriors who's voice and expression were suppressed, which is why I say chaos. Which can also be termed, wildness, unpredictable, opionated, strong, bold, outspoken, unapologetic. Pick your poison. Whichever it is, to get this part of you back you have to be willing to lose that false sense of connection for conditional love.

To get the love you deserve, the one that actually sees into the soul of you, start putting yourself first. Practice standing out, speaking your truth and saying what you feel, sharing your opinion and see what happens. They may deem you as chaotic to some but at least you're being you! Eventually you will attract your people that resonate. But until you choose you no one else can.

So embrace your chaos energy and feel the truth of you who are light you up.

Becca Hunnicutt

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