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Ancestral Healing

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Each session is an hour. Cost is $150/hour.


To find out more or book a session click the schedule with Becca button below, or if you prefer phone, please call the number on my contact tab.

Wounds and old karma can be past down through our ancestral lines, via stories, culture, and DNA in ways we cannot see.  The gifts of our ancestors are also passed down through those same lines. 


Connecting with the truth in your body, we can contact the ancestors  to see where the pain they suffered may currently live unconsciously in you. Opening this door is both Mystical and Healing.  However, the truth of their suffering feels so much stronger and has been what we've tended to identify with.  The ancestors have arrived and want you to step into your gifts.  It is no longer your job to carry these old burdens, but to rise. Therefore, to receive their magic, we must release the shame, guilt, and pain of the past.  Typically, you are feeling a call to move forward and are bound by something unseen yet familiar. When you look down your ancestral line and see the same story showing up consistently, this is your ancestral line calling out for healing.


This involves using embodiment practices. Dropping into the body your perception of the line will come through and we can explore and heal what no longer serves your highest good. We reclaim the gifts that have been hidden in that line waiting for you to say YES! This process involves accessing and working directly with the unseen realms, and letting go of the mind completely.    


If this work is calling to you, click the schedule with Becca Button to the left.  We can schedule a courtesy session to see if this work is right for you. 

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