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Live Out Loud

A 12-week program for successful overachieving women
who want to speak their truth, follow their own authority and finally be seen and loved for who they are.

Are you hiding from your light?


Is shame silencing your voice? Are you holding back the truth of who you are? Are you ready to step into your power? To unlock your voice? To unleash what others fear about you to embrace who you really are?


You are here for YOU. You matter MORE. And it’s time to STAND for yourself and LIVE OUT LOUD.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t consider yourself abused because you grew up thinking the

punishment and shame you experienced was normal. The truth is whether you were hit or not, what hurt worse than anything, was the loss of unconditional love that ultimately disconnected you from yourself.


That experience left you asking “what did I do wrong?” and thinking it was your fault. I get it because I’ve been there.


  • Lost chunks of time in your past

  • Outwardly doing or getting it right to belong

  • Inwardly seething with anger you can’t seem to express

The reality is, you both crave deep emotional connection, and fear to let anyone in.


If you’re like the amazing women I’ve supported over the years, you have a lot to offer, and you’ve done a lot of work on yourself. You’ve also done very well in many other areas of your life.  

But there’s still a part of you that thinks “Why can’t I figure this out?” because you haven’t been able to fully embody your confidence yet. 


Maybe you’re like I was a few years ago – you have the money, the job and people you call your friends but, you’re missing real connection and belonging. 


You have a rich spiritual life because that’s where you feel completely seen and safe, but you wonder when real connection and confidence will come? You keep hoping that it will find you, but you feel stuck waiting in the shadows of your life for the clouds to clear.


The truth is, the emotional pain you experienced in childhood separated you from yourself, your joy and your ability to express.  It shut you down so you could survive.

You learned that emotion was weak, irrational. You chose to favor logic over all emotion. You were taught to believe your emotions didn’t matter, but what you ended up feeling was that you didn’t matter. YOU DO!  


As time passed, you hid behind the mask of “tough” and “get it right girl”, in order to stay safe and that worked for a while.

The problem is…eventually you forgot who you really are. And now the untamed expression you loved about yourself feels lost forever. What if I told you, it’s not…she’s not gone?  


The reason you cut off from her then was to save her for this moment, right NOW. 


What you are is a survivor and the reason you haven’t been able to shift this is because your survival patterns are in direct conflict with your deepest desires. What you need is a clear path that shows you how use that conflict to reach those desires. 

You cannot heal the heart with the mind. Your voice and your feelings matter more than your mind.


Your feelings hold the key to unlocking the very power and healing your looking for.

Image by Lucas Marconnet


It’s time to come out of the shadows.

It’s time to embrace the real you.

It’s time for you to take up space.

It's time to be heard and seen. 

It's time to loved for who you really are.

The deepest part of you is calling you back home to the heart of who you are.

The Live Out Loud system helps you achieve self-confidence and empowerment by working with your protective defense patterns and negative beliefs. It’s unlike other program because it uses your unique unconscious patterns to unlock your intuitive, instinctual power.





Your pain can become your superpower.

Does this sound familiar?

  • It’s my fault

  • There must be something wrong with me

  • It’s not safe to love me

  • I should never have been born

  • It’s not safe to let anyone in

  • No one wants to know the real me

  • I can’t rock the boat

  • If they knew the real me, they would leave

  • I’ll stay safe if I just keep my mouth shut

This is Right For You If You Are...

  • Someone who identifies as tough, survivor and wants to reconnect to your heart.

  • Ready to reclaim your heart and you desire deep meaningful connection.

  • Ready to dive into the unknown of you to find out who you really are.

  • Ready to experience less anxiety and more ferocity without feeling helpless.

  • Ready to unleash that dark goddess inside and step into your power.

  • Ready to be seen and loved for all of who you are.

Image by Ahmet Sali

Are you ready to live out loud?

Join the program designed to transform you, help you deeply reconnect to your heart, embrace the hidden power inside you, and embody self-confidence in a way that’s aligned with your authentic expression.

In This Program You Will:

  • Get to the root cause of your blocks and transform them.

  • Embrace the hidden power inside you.

  • Learn the transformational tools to take care of this for the rest of your life.

  • Transform your life from the inside out.

Step 1: Embrace

We start by doing the inner work to get your unconscious mind on board so you can step into the emotional aliveness and compassion you deserve.

  • Discover the ‘why’s’ your mind craves and change the beliefs that pit you against yourself.

  • Rebuild deep connection to your heart and emotions. Feel like you matter again. 

  • Learn to say NO and set boundaries confidently that no one can argue with using healthy communication.

  • Recover your creative expression without overwhelm.

Step 2: Embody

From a place of self-compassion, you then use the same tools that transformed your life to reconnect to your natural instincts. You’ll have a framework to fully support the new version of you that emerges.

  • Banish shame, self-blame and recover the lost aspects of your expression that you suppressed to survive.  

  • Awaken and reclaim the power that is now accessible to you and begin to ground and integrate it into your daily life in actionable ways that lock it into your body.

  • Let go of control and open to the emotional heart of feminine flow that unlocks your lost instincts and ignites your self-expression.

Step 3: Express

Then, you’ll safely and cathartically explore anger, rage, and use those freed emotions to ignite your authentic voice and unique expression that will have you feeling empowered.

  • Embrace forbidden emotions and use them to build your personal power. 

  • Allow your inner dark phoenix to unleash her true power, be seen, loved and accepted.

  • Transform hypervigilance into intuitive knowing that serves your instinctual nature.

  • Rebuild trust and safety that serve you in any situation. Speak your truth with an open heart with pride, self-esteem and confidence.

Church Candles

You were never meant to do this alone.

You need someone with a flashlight to guide you to the door and show you how to unlock it.

Someone who can see you behind the walls and protections.

Someone to acknowledge you for the journey your heart has endured this far.

Someone to honor and celebrate your inner fire and your powerful loving expressive heart.

Someone to reflect all of who you truly are, so you can see the absolute beauty of your power.

Someone who can be your anchor while you let go of the protective control that you don’t remember how to loosen your grip on.

Meet your guide, Becca.

Hi, I’m Becca and I help successful, overachieving women who are sick of holding back to overcome limiting beliefs and negative patterns that are stopping them from speaking their truth, so they can more fully embody their confidence, stand out and be the badass…

With 10 years of energy healing, embodiment, shadow work, depth psychology, transpersonal spiritual counseling, and 49 years of experience in working directly with Spirit and the unseen realms, I’ve helped countless women step into self-confidence by breaking unconscious patterns and embodying the tools they need to confidently overcome trauma through transformation and live openhearted confident lives.

Live Out Loud Roadmap

The Live Out Loud program is a 12 week program with weekly check-in calls, blah blah blah blah..

Session 1: Understanding Why

To begin to break free we need to understand the why? Because it feels like our system turned against us and we have no idea how to get out of that and thus we have now turned on ourselves to try to break free and keep getting trapped. We will look at how the freeze response and PTSD are showing up for you and begin to shift out of it.

To begin to understand the nervous system as our protector. Stop “fighting” what is and begin to accept it and have choice in that rather than spending our energy in resistance to the moment.

Session 2: Grooming, gaslighting and crazy. Oh my!

The unseen pieces of what shaped how we react is an important part of recovering ourselves and whey we call it shadow work, to look at what is alive in the hidden or subconscious of our system. These things forced us to choose against our instincts and trust things outside of ourselves in very insidious ways. Where we were threatened with loss of love, loss of life or told to be a good girl and just do what we’re told. This created Stockholm Syndrome where we did what we did to survive. To get out of this we must see it for what it is.


You will begin to have compassion for the parts of you that acted automatically.

Session 3: How you lost your "no" and your creative spark

Because this invasion took place in a critical part of our childhood developmental stage is also KEY in understanding ourselves and why we feel stuck. How shame stopped us and how to get out.

Learn how to tolerate and build a new relationship with uncomfortable feelings.

Session 4: Shame. I want to hide vs. I want to be seen and heard.

We’ll explore why this paradox occurs in our system. Why and how to wait for your central nervous system so that all parts of you can begin to enter the present moment.


Integrate emotions, ego protective self and central nervous system as one body.

Session 5: Owning our victimization. Yes, this happened to us.

In order to be free of these imposed limitations that our CNS internalized, we MUST acknowledge that this happened to us and allow the feelings of victimization in. I know this is where we got tough, so we could survive, and survival is over, access to ourselves is what is wanted now.

Going through this piece will begin to free your trapped emotions. Allow those emotions to move and the cycle of freeze to begin to let go and move forward.

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