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Shadow work is not evil.  It is a psychological term coined by Carl Jung and means the art of making the subconscious conscious. It is facing and reintegrating the pieces of ourselves that we fear, want to hide from and would like to pretend don’t exist. 


Why shadow work:  Have you tried a thousand times to desperately change your patterns and nothing works?... This work shifts the dial on all of that.  This work also directly addresses the Witch Wound, which is the severe repression of feminine power at its foundational level and how that shows up in each of us.


When we are judged, betrayed, shamed or humiliated by others, we repress those parts of us into the subconscious to avoid feeling uncomfortable feelings. We hide authentic aspects and bury them deep below our conscious awareness.  That repression causes our shadow self to be born.  That is also how we repress our own power.  It is impossible to get rid of inherent aspects of our personality, they have to go somewhere. So, they go underground and continue to run our lives in unconscious ways that do not serve our full self-expression and keep us in self-defeating patterns.


The shadow self holds both our highest desires and deepest fears. Because we cannot be who we truly are without ALL the inherent parts of ourselves, we have to retrieve and integrate them in order to fully embody our authenticity.  This is a key to self-acceptance, self-confidence, self-expression and owning our power.


You must learn to love yourself while expressing all aspects of you free of judgement and with full weight of your own support behind you.

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