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Our deepest fears hide our greatest power.

Facing our fears returns our power to us.

Are you ready to reclaim your power?

I'm an unapologetic, irreverent shadow worker who helps tough, self-reliant, women survivors of childhood abuse to access their feelings, go to their depths and reclaim their energy


Sick of always being on high alert and constant anxiety from the after effects of childhood abuse?

Irritated that nothing including therapy seems to help? 

Thinking of giving up hope and living your life as one of the walking dead?


I'm so glad you're here.  

I know it's not easy to begin the process of healing the places we work so hard to hide from the world. I know that even thinking about healing this feels like a huge risk and I honor you for taking it.  I know what it feels like to "risk to hope" and the fear that comes up with that.  I've been there myself and I would be honored to bring the healing I know is possible to you.


I lead with the keystones of compassion, permission and co-create with you to support you on your journey of healing what lies beneath the surface of you.


Let's dive in together!


Hi I'm Becca!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE...I understand what you're going through because I have been there too and I've found not only a way out but the way back to my own power

That's why I've developed a program to help others that have gone through this too and want their Soul back! 


I work with people who are ready to dive into their depths, face and feel their emotions to recover their power from the after effects that childhood abuse can leave behind.

I use a proven to work process that I invented using all of my skills and resources as well as my own experience, to bring healing to your nervous system in a way that has never done before.


I bring energy healing, shadow work, transpersonal

spiritual counseling, depth psychology, archetypal embodiment, shamanic practices, meditations and more.  AND all of these things combined with your energy are going to give you freedom of expression and reclaim your energy in THIS area of your life and so many others. 

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