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shadow healer for women -
use your pain to ignite your power!

Coaching for the strong, bad ass women who always get's it right (but who feels helplessly trapped in low self-esteem), to walk into the unknown reclaim her shadow and free her voice so she can live in unapologetic self-confidence for life!

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Is all this chaos...

Working your last nerve? Have you doubting yourself and collapsing in on yourself?

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Drowning in emotional overwhelm? Exhausted from trying to find ways to cope?

Wondering why your "go to's" aren't working for you. Are you flailing and frustrated and you can't seem to "do" anything to help?

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Begging to find new tools but you don't know where to find them?

If so, I invite you to join me for this group of support, tools and practices.


In this group you will learn:


  • How to listen to your intuition

                                                     Benefit - Reclaim self trust

  • How intuition informs your instincts 

                                                     Benefit - Confidently set energy boundaries

  • Energy work practices

                                                     Benefit - Free the fears affecting you

  • How to follow your own voice and alignment

                                                     Benefit - Feel Empowered in your intuition

  • How to connect with your Soul's voice 

                                                     Benefit - Restore strength of faith in yourself

The group will start on 9/15/21 at 12pm PST and will meet once a week for 90 minutes each week on Zoom!  Join me from the comfort of your own home live or on the replay!  

What's included:

  • Meditations​

  • Exploration of group themes that arise

  • Tools and practices for group themes that arise that week

  • Energy work practices

  • Hear your Soul exercise

  • Safe non-judgmental space

  • Excavate shadow and bring it up to consciousness to work with it

  • Group chat and support on Telegram during the 5 weeks

  • Recordings each week if you can't attend in person

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I experienced trauma repeated  and often beginning at a very young age. That trauma opened up gifts that connected me to the Spirit world and the world of the unseen realms.  

I was taught by Spirit how to overcome many forms of trauma that I experienced and aspire to bring that knowledge to my clients and group work.  The strength and power within us is stronger than we know if we use the tools that go beyond the power of the mind.

I have studied shadow work, energy work, transpersonal spiritual counseling, archetypal embodiment, shamanic work and body wisdom practices as well as depth psychology.  These tools combined with the Spirit work allows me to bring powerful healing to areas where trauma has taken root in the body and can hold us back from being our true, full authentic selves.  

In the depths of our greatest fears lie our greatest strengths and power. 

Have questions before joining?

Give me a call or shoot me an Email.  

I'm happy to answer any questions you have.


Phone: 818.643.5221

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All in cost for all 5 weeks is $225.00 USD total.
To sign up, click the button below.

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