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The work

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There are deep, raw truths in each of us: Truths we once felt and followed without question before we were conditioned to leave them behind. Returning to and trusting those truths is the way back to trusting yourself as the fullness of who you are. I learned to take the wounds I suffered and use them as fuel and am honored to facilitate that method for my clients. What wounds us can become a part of our story; not what defines or limits us. 


I am passionate about offering this work. I believe everyone deserves to be connected to their soul and to the full power of expression that embodying the soul initiates. 

I work with the realms of Mystery and the Unknown. This is the life path I was born into naturally - I could see and hear what others couldn’t, and didn't understand why they thought I was strange. I never stopped accessing the unknown in myself or in my relationship to the world. The world of the Unseen has become my fuel, helping me access the depths in myself and open a deeper connection to the Mystery.


Working with the Unknown in this way opens paths that are unavailable in conventional therapies. That channel allows me to extend this healing to my clients. It provides new ways for you to experience yourself, including a deeper sense of self and access to your intuition and imagination. This work can return you to the freedom you felt in childhood, coupled with the wisdom you have now.  



Through psychospiritual consciousness, I work with your rhythms of Life-Death-Rebirth in the hidden parts of your essential self.


Together, we notice how that rhythm is asking to be expressed and where you allow or suppress that path of power within you. 


This cycle lies in the primal nature of who you are. It has the power to reconnect you to instincts that never fail [though you may have been conditioned to disregard them]. Reopening the pathway to raw instinct and releasing conditioning results in a more empowered sense of self. It gives you more access to the wildness within you. The expression of yourself as human and soul embodied as one can bring you back to a relaxed state, internal safety and healthy boundaries.  


My goal is to free you from the survival mode of fight, flight or freeze, and be your guide as you reclaim your power. You can make choices based on your Soul's Truth rather than your reactive mind, and discover more power and the fullness of YOU.

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