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 Shadow Worker | Healer | Intuitive


I came to this work through my own experience of abuse at an early age. The gifts that my PTSD and hypersensitivity that developed to create safety in me also created a connection to the unseen world in ways that both terrified me, loved me and saved my Spirit, my fire and those places in our Souls 's that we feel we've sometimes lost.  


It is through these gifts that my work in this healing began and expanded.  My  education in this work not only comes from my studies but honestly 75% of it comes from Spirit, how I hear,  see and follow the unseen. Due to the abuse I suffered my psyche split, as most do, and when that happened I'd go off to play in the unseen realms where my spirit soared, I was loved and cared for while my body was experiencing something else.  This is where my gifts grew, were nurtured and I came to trust implicitly in Spirit World and the support and guidance it gave me.  


Spirit taught me how to trust myself, what I see, hear and how to come back to myself in safety and how to notice when the soul truth and our human expression are not in alignment.  My goal is to get that alignment back and strong for my clients.  I am so honored to bring this work to the world and to help use my gifts and experience with something so horrible to help so many others who are just like me.  

Professional Bio


Becca has studied Energy Healing and Transpersonal Spiritual Counseling since 2009.  She graduated from Lionheart Institute in Los Angeles, earning her certification as Energy Healer, Body/Mind Counselor, and Energy Healing Therapist. She also participated on the teaching team at Lionheart Institute.


In 2018, she completed her training in Depth Psychology, earning her certification in Advanced Body/Mind Therapies from Healers Forum. Becca was also on the Teaching Team, and held the title of C.O.O. for Healers Forum.  She is currently immersed in and certified in Archetypal Embodiment, which uses Shamanic and Tantric Practices through ReWilding for Women.  After completing two years of Mystery School, she was a part of their Support Team. 


Becca has studied Psychic Development and Mediumship in several circles. She has and continues to take anti-racism courses and has taken CoResolve group conflict course through Lewis Deep Democracy.  She has run several workshops and currently runs two women’s circles.


Becca believes her constant hunger for learning is essential to expand her Soul’s growth, and connect with the divinity that surrounds us in the sacred and mundane. She is passionate about making the subconscious conscious to empower her clients.   Becca brings her skills and intuition into everything she does. 

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