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Hi! I'm Becca.

Let me tell you my story...

When I was little, the world was a magical place. One where I felt connected to life, to unseen realms, and to myself in ways that made me feel safe, loved, happy and invincible. I was a highly sensitive, creative, spitfire.


I was what I felt, I loved that about myself.


That all came to a crashing halt when my brother was born. At three, my Dad who once cheered me on and loved making me feel special, turned into a rage-o-holic. Hitting me every night and saying things like, “you’re stupid, you could screw up a free lunch, why can’t you do anything right”.

My mom chimed in too. I breathed too loud, walked too hard, and made too much noise.

Each time it happened my heart froze, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t breathe and inside I felt confused, betrayed, and unwanted. I knew I didn’t deserve it and I craved to be seen and loved for who I was. I was too young to leave but too sensitive to continue living like this, so in order to survive, I decided to kill off my emotions.


I shut down, cut off from my heart, and shoved my emotions deep down where no one could ever find me again.


I put on the cloak of the “tough get-it-right girl”. You know, the type A, teacher's pet, overachiever, I don’t need anyone girl. I got love and felt valued by what I did for others. If it got me noticed, named, or accolades, then I was a success. I favored intellect and right action over emotion and made all my decisions from there.

I spent years hiding behind the mask of a tough girl who needed help from no one. I was determined to avoid ever feeling shame and humiliation again. Secretly I didn’t trust myself, felt dead inside, and punished myself daily.


I thought that if I could fix my friends' relationships or house or whatever they needed then I would also fix me. But instead I felt alone, and invisible. I’d been in therapy for 15 years with Major Depressive Disorder and General Anxiety Disorder. 

Nothing I tried worked and I felt like a failure. I felt that if anyone knew what was going on inside me, they would walk out of my life. I was having panic attacks and trying to hide them, and it just kept escalating until one day I was paralyzed and I just wanted to die.

How was I here again when I was doing it right?

Through it all, I was still connected to the spirit world and one day, in my despair, I received a message, “If you’re already living with death every day, you might as well make friends with it!” 

BOOM! That shifted everything for me.


Embracing death brought be back to life!

Screen Shot 2023-04-26 at 2.59.06 PM.png
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It unleashed my anger which unlocked my power. I finally felt free! My heart opened and my voice was unleashed. I could breathe again. Finally, I felt like myself. My joy had been locked behind the doors of the pain that I was unwilling to feel. Embracing the pain allowed my joy to return!


This whole time I had been trying to use my mind to heal my heart so I wouldn’t get hurt again. After this major AHA moment, I dove into my depths. I faced my fears head-on every time and through these experiences, a clear path emerged.

I got more healing in one hour than I had in 15 years of therapy. I could clearly see the patterns I’d been living in. I’d been given the keys to interrupt and break them. I was able to respond instead of react and make choices that served me! 

A whole new world had opened up to me. Now I express myself freely and confidently. I know my value, I belong to myself and most importantly, I trust myself. I am one with the heart of my inner child and follow my feelings no matter where they lead me. 


Magic and joy has come back into my life. I get to follow my own rhythm. I embrace my rebellious nature and will be silent for no one. When I speak my blunt honest truth, the people in my life love it! They crave it, encourage it and support me. I’m finally loved and seen for who I really am. 

By embodying all my ugly, scary pieces I was set free, unleashed and now I’m LIVING OUT LOUD!

Image by Andreas Slotosch
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“If you're alive. Then it means that you're committed to survive.”


~ P!NK


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