Becca Hunnicutt

 Shadow Worker | Healer | Intuitive

I am an irreverent, unapologetic, shadow worker who unleashes raw expression for self aware women held hostage by the shame and silence of childhood abuse.

I work with the rhythms of Life-Death-Rebirth in hidden parts of self through psychospiritual consciousness.  Together, we notice how that rhythm is asking to be expressed and where you allow or suppress that path of power in you. This cycle lies in the primal nature of who you are.  It has the power to reconnect you to instincts that never fail, though we may have been conditioned to disregard them.  The result of reopening that pathway to raw instict and releasing that conditioning is a more empowered sense of self.  It gives you more access to the wildness within. The raw expression of yourself as human and soul embodied as one can bring you back to a relaxed state of calm, internal safety and healthy boundaries.  My goal is to free you from the survival mode of fight, flight or freeze, and be a guide to the reclamation of your own power.  Thus, you can make choices based on your Soul's Truth rather than the reactive mind, giving you access to more power and fullness of YOU.

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