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What if the hope

              you've been searching for

                                           really does exist?

Unleash, Reclaim Program

The Path to Healing Childhood Abuse

Bridging Realms

I am an irreverent, unapologetic shadow worker who unleashes raw expression for tough, self-reliant women who feel held hostage by the repressed rage and silence of childhood abuse.

This online program is your opportunity to

Reclaim that little girl who's trapped inside you
Confidently set strong, healthy boundaries 
Grow self-confidence
Recover self-esteem
Express what has been repressed
Finally be seen and heard
Speak your truth freely and fearlessly

Becca Hunnicutt's 12-Week Immersive Program will teach you a proven pathway to access your feelings, go to your depths and reclaim your energy.   

You Deserve the FREEDOM to EXPRESS!
So, let's unearth how it's being kept from you...
In Unleash, Reclaim, you will:
  • Break the self-blame cycle
  • Learn tools to express your rage safely and cathartically
  • Stop apologizing for who you are and how you feel
  • Handle conflict confidently
  • Recover access to joy and your creative spark 
  • Learn how to break and change the patterns of:
People Pleasing
Freeze Response

With her fierce passion for healing, Becca Hunnicutt helps women change their lives. She stands for you and with you while slaying the BS in your way. She gets to the heart of the matter in safe, non-judgmental space. For more ways to learn from Becca, click here. 

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Becca talks about this work.
What is possible
and why it's important.

Unleash, Reclaim Program

I 'd love to speak to you before you join the program, to ensure that it's a good fit, to assess your personal desires for your healing, and to ensure that my program will meet your needs.  


If you're ready, let's chat!

$3,500.00 USD

About the Program

Part 1 Rewire:

Integrate pieces that have fractured and begin to satisfy your mind's answers to "Why did this happen?" in ways you did not expect.

Part 1 Rewire:

Integrate pieces that have fractured and begin to satisfy your mind's answers to "Why did this happen?" in ways you did not expect.

Part 2 Reclaim:

Learn tools to reclaim your voice, body and boundaries.

Part 3 Express:

Feel your feelings authentically and speak your truth from the depths of your Soul.

Course Details

You will be able to access:
  • One-on-one, in-person, recorded Zoom sessions with Becca each week for 12 weeks.

  • All recordings for the duration and one month after you complete the course.

  • Weekly tools to implement, accelerate and lock in lasting change.

  • Video tutorials, tools and meditations to support your sessions.

  • A private online portal.

  • Check-in's with Becca between sessions (if needed), to update her on your progress, ask questions, etc.

You can do this program from anywhere! All you need is good wifi, a journal and quiet safe space for yourself.

There is more to life than this... and you know it.

Meet Becca Hunnicutt

"The trauma we are holding must be faced and embodied, for the life trapped below it to be free. By embracing our shadows, we free ourselves."

Becca Hunnicutt

Founder of Bridging-Realms

I was abused from ages three to thirteen [by more than one abuser, with more than one type of abuse].  Those experiences set off an array of debilitating issues for me.  I have survived PTSD, panic attacks, anxiety, major depressive disorder, and dissociative identity disorder, to name a few.


Like you, I lost trust in myself when I realized I could not trust those around me - those tasked with keeping me safe, who did anything but.  "How can I trust my instincts when they are wrong?" So, believe me when I say, I know your battle and what you're going through.  You are not alone.  


I combine skills I have learned through shadow work, depth psychology, energy healing, transpersonal spiritual counseling, mediumship, shamanic practices, channeling spirit, and archetypal embodiment skills with my Breakthrough Technique [that moves the dial forward to lasting results],  to bring unique transformational healing.

I have healed woundings I had thought would be with me for life.  Because I did it I know it is also possible for you.

I hope you will join me in breaking the legacy of silence and setting yourself free.  No more suppression of your power.  I look forward to being a part of your journey to freedom and self-expression! 

What people are saying about this program

Before the program my life was stuck. I was stuck in my self-deprecating thoughts. I wanted to break free of the fear of a rock bottom and I wanted to move beyond stagnation. NOW, after only four sessions, life looks brighter, bolder, and more fluid! I feel like I can accept challenge, embrace uncertainty, and grow into the person who will live a life I can be proud of.    

~ Cayla D., USA

Before this program, I was blaming myself basically for every time I wasn’t a shiny, ever-loving, powerful creature.  Now I’ve started embracing all parts of myself.  ~ Kathrin K., Egypt

I struggled with self-acceptance and self-compassion. Now I have tools that I can use on a regular basis to help foster that relationship with a part of myself that was so hurt and angry. 

Senta G., Australia

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