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Ready for absolute confidence and deep self-acceptance that empowers you?

Are you ready to break the pattern of over-achieving and getting it right to stay safe and simply survive?

You deserve unconditional love. And there's nothing you need to do, be, change or fix in order to deserve it.

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Are you done?

Allowing shame to silence your voice?

Pretending to behave to belong?

Holding back the truth of who you are?


Are you ready to step out of survival and into your power ?

To be seen, heard and know that you MATTER?

To speak your truth, open your heart and reclaim the truth of who you are?


   It’s time to STOP HIDING and LIVE OUT LOUD.

The deepest part of you is calling you back home to the heart of who you are.

Hi, I'm Becca.


I help successful over-achieving women who are sick of holding back to survive,


heal punishment and perfectionism from childhood trauma,


so you can ditch shame, self-blame and Live Out Loud!

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Your feelings hold the key to unlocking the very power and healing your looking for.

You vowed never to be powerless again and you believed the way to achieve that is by cutting off your emotions and burying your heart.


And while that saved you back then, it doesn't get you what you want now.

Because when you cut off from pain you also cut off from love. 

You’ve been waiting your entire life to stop getting it right and start speaking your truth. It's your turn to step into your power and let go of the misguided fear that you'll hurt someone with it. 

The truth is you were born to stand out but conditioned to stay small. 

If you’re anything like me,


You don't consider yourself abused. You're a survivor. When you were little, you grew up thinking the emotional punishment and shame you experienced was normal.


Because your emotions weren't acknowledged or allowed, you feel invisible and like you don't exist. 


That experience left you believing that you did something wrong. 


Because no one would tell you what you did that wasyou now believe YOU are bad and wrong.


So you hide your truth and rage behind smallness and silence and sacrificing your heart to survive.


You believe what you want to be, feel, and express isn’t “normal".  And you're right.


You were born for MORE.

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Instead you're stuck in a loop of old patterns:

  • shaming yourself for your own desires,

  • numbing out because you can’t achieve them 

  • and then telling yourself, "I'm a failure", for not being able to fix this it or figure it out.

The truth is whether you were hit or not, what hurt worse than anything, was the loss of unconditional love that ultimately disconnected you from yourself, your instincts and your power.

You've been trying like hell to get back to it ever since.

The reason you haven’t been able to shift this is because your survival patterns are in direct conflict with your deepest desires.

If this is you, this is not your fault and  you are not alone. 


What that tells is me is that shame, judgement and humiliation were used to tame your spirit and control your actions. However it became the only form of love your nervous system understands and a form of punishment that keeps you trying to get it right to stay safe and belong. 

I get it because I’ve been there.

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Speak Out and Be Heard


What’s suppressed must be expressed.  


It’s your time to shine, to stand out and take up space.


It’s time to unleash that dark phoenix within you and embrace your power.


The reality is, you both crave deep emotional connection, and fear to let anyone in.

If you're like the amazing women I've supported over the years,

you have a lot to offer, and you've done a lot of work on yourself. You've also done very well in many other areas of your life. 

Maybe you’re like I was a few years ago you have the money, the job and people you call your friends but, you’re missing real connection and belonging.


You’re stuck in this lifeless life wandering around, learning everything you can to find a way out.


Instead you now know more than any therapist but still feel disconnected from yourself.  


And you’re left believing that you’re searching for a road home that doesn’t really exist.

Well...It does


You deserve to express yourself freely in YOUR WAY without judgment or criticism.  





What if you could love your light and your darkness equally? What if you could embrace all aspects of your expression fully. The only demand on yourself is to be authentic, honest and in integrity with the heart of who you are.  


Imagine appreciating and loving yourself for expressing all of your anger, ugly parts, and shameful bits in healthy ways.


Imagine the more pressure of having to hide. Falling in love with every aspect of who you are no matter what it is or how strongly you feel it. In fact imagine, the more you express the more excited and connected you feel to yourself.

The acceptance of loving all of your aspects brings you back home to the true heart of who you are.

There’s no right way to be you.


So let’s stop trying getting it right for everyone else and start getting real with yourself!


You’ve been hiding your power behind perfectionism, control and that tough girl facade.


How can anyone have the chance to love you for who you are if you are unwilling to show them who you really are?


Maybe you don’t know how.


It’s possible that after decades of pretending to be someone else to survive that you’ve forgotten how to access your emotions, trust your gut and follow your instincts.


What if I told you, that unconsciously the reason you cut off from that part of you then was to save her for this moment, right NOW. 

 You were gaslit to repel the very part of you you're looking for.

Your pain can become your superpower.

Does this sound familiar?

  • It’s my fault

  • There must be something wrong with me

  • It’s not safe to love me

  • I should never have been born

  • It’s not safe to let anyone in

  • No one wants to know the real me

  • I can’t rock the boat

  • If they knew the real me, they would leave

  • I’ll stay safe if I just keep my mouth shut


Do you long to...

​Reclaim self-trust

 Handle conflict with ease
Confidently set healthy boundaries

Ignite & reconnect with your creativity

Express your radiance through an open heart

Automatically feel safe, seen and heard and accepted 

The confidence you seek has always been right here and it has been just waiting for you to say YES to the full power of who you are!

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If you're here reading this now, My guess is... 

None of your coping mechanisms are working any more. And you have no idea what to do. 


You are at a crossroads.

Which is an initiation that has the power to transform your life.

Here’s what you may not know,


When your coping strategies no longer work, the doorway of transformation is open.

your soul is awakening and calling you into a larger version of you

you're both scared and excited = you’re on the edge of a breakthrough

This is the initiation


You’ve outgrown the life you were living and you’re ready for a new version of you.




  strong and safe


  the ability to feel deeply


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Lying in Green Field

"I don't want control. I want to let go!"

~ P!NK

You need a clear path that can use that conflict to reach your desires

You want to let go but don’t know how.


You’ve never found a place strong enough to hold you that allows you to feel safe enough to let go.

You desire to be seen for all of who you are and held, loved and appreciated for what you bring to the table.

You're a tough, no nonsense woman.


Your motto is what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and you can take anything anyone dishes out except disconnection and withdrawal of love as a bargaining chip to control you.

Introducing the LIVE OUT LOUD System

This system is designed specifically:

to break you out of survival

into confidence

 express yourself freely

be loved for all of who you are

in just 90 days

without years of therapy 




No More...

  • Forcing yourself through a life you don't want

  • People pleasing just to stay safe

  • Controlling your emotions to keep the status quo

  • Justifying your right to exist

  • Pushing to prove your deserve to be heard and seen

Image by Sebastian Unrau

It's your turn...

It’s time to come out of the shadows.

It’s time to embrace the real you.

It’s time for you to take up space.

It's time to be heard and seen. 

It's time to be loved for who you really are.


Meet your Guide, Becca

I experienced trauma repeated and often beginning at a very young age. That trauma opened up gifts that connected me to the Spirit world and the world of the unseen realms.  


I was taught by Spirit how to overcome many forms of trauma that I experienced and aspire to bring that knowledge to my clients and group work.  The strength and power within us is stronger than we know if we use the tools that go beyond the power of the mind.


I have studied shadow work, energy work, transpersonal spiritual counseling, archetypal embodiment, shamanic work and body wisdom practices as well as depth psychology.  These tools combined with the Spirit work allows me to bring powerful healing to areas where trauma has taken root in the body and can hold us back from being our true, full authentic selves. 


In the depths of our greatest fears lie our greatest strengths and power. 

Have questions before joining? Schedule your free 30-minute discovery call below, I'm happy to answer any questions you have.



Are we a good fit?
Schedule your free 30-minute breakthrough call below.

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