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Release Trauma and Reclaim Your Unique Instinctual Wild Feminine Expression So You Can Live in Freedom for the Rest of Your Life.

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When you run from what you fear, you are running from your own undeniable power.
It's time to reclaim the truth of who you really are.

Do you struggle with speaking up and taking space?

Do you favor "getting it right" over being yourself?


Do you want to let go, show up and FINALLY feel safe. 


Do you desire to express yourself unapologetically?

If this resonates, I can almost guarantee you have one of these problems:

You had to cut off, shut down and became the "tough, get it right girl" in order to SURVIVE.

Shame and humiliation were used to dominate and control you.

Your strong will and sassy spark was too much for your caregivers.

You feel like the "black sheep" in your family - the one that doesn't belong.

You encountered some type of abuse as a child.

Living in survival mode made you forget your worth and how to exist as who you truly are. 

Your were separated from your instincts and your fire along with it.


That fire turned to rage that has been suppressed for years and wants a safe space to reclaim itself and you haven't found a place big enough to hold it.

I see you.
There is a way out.

You are not alone.

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Hi I’m Becca! This is my wheelhouse and I know you because I am you.

I specialize in freeing women from the invisible wounds of invasion and betrayal that shame and humiliation left behind. 

I'm a Shadow Worker, Energy Healer, Body Mind Counselor and Intuitive. I've spent a ton of time and money on my education, therapy, self-help and everything else but, to be honest with you, most of what I know doesn't come from what I've learned in classes. It comes from overcoming my own struggles and fears. I'm finally able to live from my own authortity and feel free to express myself without worrying about what others might think, but it hasn't always been that way.

From the ages of 3-13, I suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse that debilitated me, forced me to supress my expression, silence my voice and shut down my heart. I spent years of my life feeling rejected, emotionally discarded, in constant shock and survival mode. I was constantly waiting for the next shoe to drop, bracing for impact and making sure that no one noticed. I had no boundaries and fronted like the tough girl who always had all the right answers. I was there to help everyone else with anything they needed, but I would never let anyone in close enough to help me. What I didn't know and would never say is that I needed help the most. I lived each day waiting for death to wipe me off the planet.

The thought of dying felt like relaxation, peace and finally getting to breathe.

To survive, I shut down, cut off my heart and became a different version of myself. I became high functioning, intellectual achiever hiding behind the mask of "tough girl", but that didn't help. Eventually, something in me called bullshit on this life I was living.  I felt deep calling within, one that I couldn't name. This was my Soul calling me into my shadow, into the deeper spiritual recovery of me. My suffering led me into an intense journey of self-discovery. I consumed everything to find my way out. Schools, trainings, books, experiences, groups, therapy. You name it, I did it and all these things gave me tools that made sense and that helped a little but nothing that actually set me free. So I figured, if I was going to die a bit each day, let's just make friends with the energy of death.

I found that working with the energy of death brought me back to life!

99% of my problem was that I was looking to my MIND to try to heal my HEART! So I dove into what I feared to feel head on, no more avoiding. When I did that, the anxiety and fear were over so much faster! I learned to dive into the hidden depths of my feelings, enter the places I had been ashamed to go, express them and everything changed! Suddenly I had more freedom, more expression. I felt more empowered, my voice had come back and I was able to let go of the shame I had been carrying that was NEVER MINE! I was able to let people in and feel safe doing it. I had boundaries, could relax and FINALLY exhale for what felt like the first time in my whole life! I was free!!!

Are you ready to burn down trauma patterns and live the live you were born to live?

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I took drastic steps to rid myself of emotional suffering and life of feeling trapped, but I don't want you to have to spend this crazy amount of time and money waiting to figure it out on your own. I want you out of pain now! That's why I’ve combined my 50 years of personal experience, 20 years of therapy, 10 years of education, practice in healing techniques and channelled lessons from spirit all in one place to bring you a proven solution in a 3 step, 12 week, Breakthrough System.

Most survivors think they will never get out of this, but I've seen it happen over and over again. It's possible when you know the right steps to take in the right order. This comprehensive program will show you how to transform your mind and heal your emotions so you can speak your truth and freely express the truth of who you really are without apology.

This proven system uses subtle easy changes to
produce strong and lasting results. 

Are you committed to your healing, been deep in self-development for years, but haven’t found the thing to help you out of this pain yet?

If you’re a fast action taker who wants the solution now, doesn’t want to waste time, can’t wait to get results and loves diving deep to do the inner work, this program was designed for you.

Does the thought of saying yes to this both terrify AND excite you? If so, you are at a turning point in choosing YOU!  This is a spiritual call asking you to challenge your mind's version of safety and calling you deeper into you. That is exactly what this program was created for.

I know what it's like to feel suffocated, emotionally dead and trapped in your own life. I’ve been there.

I created this program to give you easy and practical tools so that you can let go and be free.


It is my passion to get women out of this conditioned hell and back into their unique expression of their own instinctual power.


If you're want to shift out of survival mode permanently I invite you to book your call with me now.

Together we'll identify key areas to customize your program with exactly what you need to break free!

Hit the button below and lets get started.  I’m so excited to connect with you. 

What People are Saying...

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

I'm here to support you through the whole process.
Together, we can do this.

Unleash and Reclaim Yourself Today!

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I'm so confident this program will work for you that I'm offering a


That's 1/3 of the entire program, and if you don't see one shift at all after implementing the tools, support and techniques, I will absolutely refund your money.

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